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Lessons From Breast/Chest Cancer, Trusting Your Intuition & Living Your Passion

Updated: Oct 31

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This Episode's Key Moments:

Here's an overview of a few key moments in this episode:

  • The life-changing words of wisdom Isabelle received from her 96-year old mother in her final days

  • The importance of providing people with support and education

  • The art of trusting your intuition

  • Living with breast/chest cancer and the importance of genetic testing

  • What it's like actually living your passion

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Who is Isabelle Alessandra?

Isabelle's career shift from CEO of her own consulting firm to full-time artist was a direct result of some words of wisdom from her 96 year-old mother during her final hours in hospice:

"I’ve thought a lot about what I would say to you when this day came, what I might say so you'd really hear me, how I could turn these last moments together into a gift. I have one important regret to share with you, and it's not about what I did with my life, it's about what I didn't do. Over my entire lifetime I always found an excuse not to fully pursue my gifts as an artist. Work, then family, then caring for your dad, then finally losing my eyesight… always reasons that put my desire to create on the back burner. You have the same gift I had, and I've watched you shelf it just like I did. So, after 96 years on earth, here is my best advice for you, right now – use your gift, develop your talent, and work full time to let the world know what you can do. You're turning 60 this year. If you don't do this now, and I mean right now, you never will."

Exactly one year after her mother passed, Isabelle closed the doors to her company and began painting every day. Her work is a life-force that absolutely lights her up, and it’s a cherished legacy from her mother.

Isabelle has already established private collectors in Canada, Europe, South America and across the United States. She currently shows her work at the Sandstone Gallery (Laguna Beach, Calfornia), J Willott Gallery (Palm Desert, California), Peterson Contemporary Art (Bend, Oregon) and Van Gogh Art Gallery (Madrid, Spain). Isabelle's work has been seen in the Conde Nast magazines Vanity Fair, GQ, Vogue House and Gardens and World of Interiors.

As a nod to her past career, Isabelle also holds a Doctorate Degree in Education Policy, Leadership and Change from the University of Southern California (USC).

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