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From Dealing Drugs to Two Master Degrees, A Doctorate and Entrepreneurial Success With Shontel Green

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Mathew Knowles Episode 2 Podcast Cover

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This Episode's Key Topics:

Overcoming Adversity: Shontel Greene's story is a profound example of overcoming extreme adversity. She grew up in Baltimore, a challenging urban environment, and faced a significant turning point at the age of 14 when her mother became addicted to drugs. This event drastically altered her life trajectory.

Involvement in Illegal Activities: To cope with her family's financial struggles and her mother's addiction, Greene became involved in the streets and drug dealing. Despite the risks and moral dilemmas, she felt compelled to support her family, highlighting the complex decisions faced by individuals in desperate circumstances.

Importance of Education: Throughout her involvement in illegal activities, Greene maintained a strong commitment to education. Encouraged to continue attending school, education later played a pivotal role in her transformation and success.

Transformation and Redemption: The turning point in Greene's life came with the death of her mother, which prompted her to cease her involvement in drugs. She pursued higher education, obtaining two master's degrees and working towards a doctorate in nursing practice.

Championing Healthcare Equity: Greene's professional life is dedicated to healthcare, particularly focusing on geriatric care and advocating for equitable treatment regardless of socioeconomic status. Her personal experiences have informed her approach to healthcare, emphasizing compassion and fairness.

Entrepreneurship and Success: Greene's remarkable journey also includes significant entrepreneurial success. She founded and runs "Nurses R Us," a large healthcare company in Maryland, showcasing her transition from a troubled past to a successful businesswoman.

Giving Back to the Community: Her commitment to community service is evident in her efforts to assist the elderly and advocate for better healthcare for low-income individuals, including drug addicts. Greene's past experiences have fueled her passion for helping those in need.

Addressing Systemic Issues: The interview touches on themes of systemic racism and socioeconomic discrimination in healthcare, with Greene providing insights based on her experiences and observations in the healthcare industry.

Resilience and Hope: Shontel Greene's story is a testament to human resilience and the possibility of change and redemption, regardless of one's past. Her journey from the depths of the streets of Baltimore, to becoming a healthcare professional and entrepreneur serves as a powerful narrative of hope and transformation.

Community Impact and Recognition: Greene's impact on her community is significant, as evidenced by the accolades and recognition she has received. Her story challenges stereotypes and offers a nuanced perspective on the lives of individuals involved in illegal activities.

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About Shontel Greene

Mrs. Shontel Greene was born and raised in the city of West Baltimore. In growing up, she made a lot of bad decisions and took a wrong turn.

She watched her mother die from the deadly disease of AIDS which prompted her to change her life for the best. In doing this, she felt a need to cater to the elderly and ill-population. Although she had many odds against her, she decided to enroll in Harford Community College. Next, Frostburg State University, graduating with a degree in Chemistry and Nursing.

Shontel felt she was not accepted in the corporate world so she decided to build her OWN corporate America and provide healthcare, not based on numbers, but instead based on the continuity of care.

With a business officially ranked in the "Black Enterprise Top 100 Biggest Companies," her motto is to strive to achieve excellence and the numbers will fall in place.

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Dec 21, 2023

Thank you, Mathew. What I need is a crew to videotape 6 hours of comedy, upload it to uTUBE for copyrights, and approach Netflix, and perhaps the C.B.C Comedy Channel. I am an artist. Not a business man. That I need help with. -Tony in Toronto. Jose Antonio Morales. Survivor.

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