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Does Racism Exist? A Debate With Jesse Lee Peterson

Mathew Knowles Episode 2 Podcast Cover

This Episode's Key Topics:

Contrasting Perspectives on Racism and Social Issues: The conversation reveals starkly contrasting views on racism and its impact in America. Mathew Knowles approaches these issues with a perspective shaped by personal experiences and historical understanding. He challenges Jesse Lee Peterson's assertion that racism does not exist, providing examples from his life and broader societal observations.

Discussion of Personal Backgrounds: Both individuals share their backgrounds, particularly their upbringing in Alabama. This commonality serves as a platform for discussing their divergent views on race, society, and personal growth.

Critique of Public Figures and Movements: The dialogue touches on controversial evaluations of prominent figures and movements within the African American community. Jesse Lee Peterson's criticisms of figures like Jesse Jackson and organizations like Black Lives Matter contrast sharply with Mathew Knowles' defense and respect for these entities.

Debate over the Concept of Leadership and Influence: The conversation delves into the role of leaders and influencers within the African American community. Mathew Knowles expresses concern over Jesse Lee Peterson's negative comments about various black leaders, while Jesse Lee Peterson insists on his viewpoint of these figures as misleading the black community.

Role of Education and Entrepreneurship: Mathew Knowles emphasizes his role as an educator and the importance of teaching entrepreneurship and generational wealth, especially in the context of historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). His focus on practical skills and economic empowerment forms a critical component of his approach to addressing racial disparities.

Views on Historical and Structural Racism: Mathew Knowles articulates a clear stance on the existence and impact of structural racism in various aspects of American society. He uses statistical data and personal anecdotes to argue against Jesse Lee Peterson's denial of racism as a significant societal issue.

Emphasis on Unity and Collective Responsibility: Towards the end of the conversation, Mathew Knowles advocates for unity and collective responsibility among all Americans, regardless of race or background, to address social injustices and make America a better place for everyone.

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About Jesse Lee Peterson

Jesse Lee Peterson is a radio and TV talk show host, activist, author, pastor and counselor.

Jesse grew up on a plantation near Tuskegee, Alabama, during the Jim Crow era, before moving to Los Angeles as a young man. He's the founder and president of BOND, the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (est. 1990), dedicated to "Rebuilding the Family by Rebuilding the Man."

At BOND, he offers Counseling for individuals, couples and families, Church services, Men's Forums, Women's Forums, an Entrepreneur Academy, and a Home for Young Men. Jesse has spoken spoken in many schools and universities, conferences and rallies, and even prisons and juvenile detention centers.

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Dec 05, 2023

As a white man who is assumed to be privileged, the reality is I am first generation Irish and racism has many shades that are not so obvious at first glance.


Dec 05, 2023

Wow. I loved the respectful and insightful conversation between the men of color. This was the true demonstration agree to disagree. Both individuals provided thought provoking perspectives. I can wait to hear the next episode with Stormy.


Dec 04, 2023

I have never heard this perspective before. His radical views appalled me. Mr Jesse seems to be a real life character from the boondocks. -AD Stephenson


Nov 23, 2023

Really enjoyed this insightful conversation between two Black men with deep diametrically opposite points of view. I've only listened to two podcast and this is number two. Love it. I'll be back for more. Ase

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